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A high performance asymmetric surfboard design by Ryan Glover. Three factors considered: rail, tail and fin set up. The toe side rail leads into a broad flat tail simulating a twin swallow, and implementing the broad planing surface and speed one generates from the twin keels and mini-simmons hulls we have been enjoying lately. The fin set up on this side is that of a twin fin with a classic early seventies fin shape and size. The heel side rail flows down into a rounded tail similar to that of a high performance thruster. The fin setup on the heel side is that of a quad with a normal sized performance fin and a slightly smaller trailing fin. The final...

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  Ryan Burch is the most exciting surfer shaper right now. Not only does he surf every sort of board under the sun with incredible style, he is pushing the boundaries of surfboard design and modern surfing.  Ryan was recently here in New Zealand with the Volcom crew blowing minds on the long lefts of Raglan on his asymmetrical boards. Our friend Luke Cederman @raglansurfreport got to talk to him. Check out the interesting discussion on spotify here or below.  Below are three recent clips of Ryan we are really digging. Enjoy. 

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