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Big Sun

Big Sun - 5'6 Twin Keel White Pigment

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Brand new stock just add water. The Big Sun Twin Keel is our modern take on the old school fish. This board is 5'6 x 20'1/2 x 2'5/15 @ 29.9L and comes with a glassed in a classic 5' x 8' inch keel and a white pigment finish. 

More info from the main page:

"Introducing the Big Sun Twin Keel, a modern take on the old school fish. Steve Lis was a teenage knee boarder who invented a strange split tail board he dubbed a 'fish' in 1967. Shortly afterwards his friends, other local San Diego surfers, decided to start riding this style standing up. The fish was born. There was a fish resurgence in the early 90's courtesy of Tom Curren and Derek Hynd on boards by Skip Frye, highlighted in the film 'Litmus'. In later years the fish was relegated to smaller surfer as a type of fun board, but more recently, surfers like Ryan Burch and Harrison Roach have broken this stigma by pushing into more serious waves.

These boards are fast and whippy, well suited to a more upright style, shoulders back, hips forward.  An experienced rider will push into hollower waves and turns just as radical as on a performance board.

Board come with glass in fins and volan glassing. Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand.

Talk to us about custom specifications. Production est. 3- 4 weeks."






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Recommended lengths are 5'8 - 6'8.Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you.

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