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Big Sun

Big Sun Glider

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9'0 Big Sun Glider concept. Welcome to the big boarding revolution. This board is not a log, it more closer resembles a midlength. It has a similar template, refined and thin profile, ample rocker, down rail tail and a narrow nose, but in 9ft +. It also has a 10' inch rake compared to the large surface area 10'5 inch logger. You won't be going to the nose on this one. The idea is pure speed and trim, and designed to push into bigger surf. We're looking forward to exploring what this board can do.

Recommended in 9ft + and starting at $1950 incl. GST. Options include pin or square tail. Fin box or a classic glass in fin. Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalised for you. Extras include specialized tints, and also depending on availability we can do cedar stringers in single, double or triple. Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 




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Recommended lengths are 5'8 - 6'8.Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you.

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