Garage Single
Garage Single


Garage Single


The Garage Single was the forefather of the Big Single. Made in a Mount Maunganui garage before Big Sun got going it was one of the earliest designs and the launching pad for the brand itself. Effectively it is the Big Single so for descriptive purposes:

"The Big Single is a fun, responsive line drawer. Ideal conditions are long punchy waves suitable for drawn out lines. The volume is centered slightly forward and if the feet are positioned forward, a rail can be utilised more than the fin. In this mode turning is established from rolling body weight from side to side rather than applying pressure to the back foot. The result is a consciousness shift, not better, not worse, but different. A new experience.

"4ft + and barrelling waves can be ridden under a more experienced rider. The challenge is to adapt to the different characteristics of the single compared to the safeness and ease of a thruster."

This board has a lot of character, the glass is aging an off white/yellow and there are signs of wear but overall she is still in good condition with many more waves to be ridden. 

Comes with a Alkali 7'5 inch Classic Single worth $145 itself.