My uncle's would tell me stories of their first surf trips to Raglan. There was no road going down to Manu Bay, so they'd sleep up on the hill, next to their cars, and walk down through a farm that was on the point in the morning. The waves were much longer than they are now because there was no boat ramp. Back then to meet other surfers was exciting. More people to surf with, more people to share the stoke. If you passed people with boards strapped to their roof you would pull over and introduce yourself, update each other on the conditions and swap names for next time. Manu Bay sure is a different place now, what with all the camper vans and people learning to surf, it will be hard to imagine and explain to the next generation. Here's a few scraps I found to help. Enjoy. 


Manu Bay circa early 60's

Manu Bay pre boat ramp

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