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Ryan M. Glover

Hamburger Hill: Ryan M. Glover - Paperback

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Second Edition signed and numbered. 

“Hamburger Hill sits in the middle of a small coastal school between the science block, and the horticulture rooms. From its top one looks out over the surrounding classrooms, and on a still day the ocean can be heard. All paths to and from The Hill are visible, and if need be, escape to the field is swift and silent. The children that reign over it’s grassy slope are known to all as ‘The Surfers’. Matty Poo Shoe, Heff, Ham Bun, Coop, Wingnut, Grant and Spreckels make up some of the misfit group. The only thing you need to do to be part of the group is surf, and the group has kids of all ages. When a rival group takes over Hamburger Hill a war erupts and school life becomes difficult for everyone. The Surfers swear to get Hamburger Hill back, but events will tell another story.“


Hamburger Hill is an intimate snapshot into the lives of a group of children set in a small New Zealand town. A time before modern technology, smartphones, and an exploration of the deep connection a local people can have to their environment. 

Paperback: 214 Pages.

Dimensions: 12.85cm x 19.8cm.

Ships from New Zealand.


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