Big Sun surfboards are designed and shaped, start to finish, here in Mount Maunganui, NZ, by Ryan Glover.

What is the process when you order a custom board?

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First we talk about your vision, share references and a inspiration, and discuss surfing goals for the board. Then Ryan goes to work on shape3d. The next stage delivers in depth specification files to double check dimensions and literage and then and 3d cad videos to visualise the final board. This stage can go back and forward a number of times until you are completely happy.

The cad file is the foundation of a good board build. We spend hours on our files, simplifying the curves, perfecting the angles and letting the computer do the hard maths. We do multiple back and forward with the customer, comparing our in depth knowledge of literage and rockers to make sure the board is going to perform how you want. We share with you spec drawings so you are involved in the process. Once confirmed and triple checked, we match a blank, then it's off to Bay Shapers who have the newest and most precise CNC machine in NZ for the cut.

Bay Shapers

While shaping is a science, laminating is an art. We source the best pigments and custom mix the colour into the resin. There are so many factors to consider, like hue, depth, and transparency. There is no magic wand tool here, it takes a lot of time and experience to get it right. All boards come out slightly different because of length, volume of resin, and the different ounce cloth. The darker rails and fin patch are actually a naturally occurring element - the double lapping of layers means more colour soaks into the cloth, creating the darker shades.

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We can send you updates of how the build is progressing along the way.

Then once completed it is time to pick up you're new board!

We also do depot to depot shipping NZ wide.

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