Introducing 'A Day in The Sun' a small capsule collaboration between us and our favourite independent surf brand Critical Slide a.k.a TCSS. Big thanks to our friend Vacation Studios for doing the font and illustration. Read a small interview with Ryan Glover about how it came about. Topping it off we have a short clip by  director/ cinematographer Sam Kristofski shot entirely on 16mm film, with narration from Matt Correia, Big Dog Jungle, and tunes from the Allah-Las

Interview originally for TCSS here.

"What is Big Sun?
Not sure. Maybe it's a shop? Maybe a surfboard brand? Maybe a collective? It could be all, and it could be none.
Whatever it is we believe surfing has such a rich cultural history and we draw inspiration from multiple surfing epochs.
We hope to inspire a wider surfing experience. We make boards to ride in all sorts of conditions - long and short, big and small, we’re into it all (well mostly all, haha). 

How did it come to be?
We were interested in boards no one was making here, you couldn’t get them, so we decided to go about making that happen ourselves. 

Where can people find your crafts?
We have a small converted shed as a showroom in Mount Maunganui, or an online store at www.bigsun.nz.

What are you testing?
We're enjoying things fast and short lately. We have been having a lot of fun on our classic mini-simmons inspired crafts, and when the surf gets better we’ve been experimenting in the upside down world of the asymmetrical. 

What part did you play in the process of the Big Sun X TCSS Collaboration?
I had the idea for a tight little capsule starting at a pair of shorts. Something you can swim and surf in if need be, but mainly a good light weight everyday short. Something a little shorter than what is current, that you wear high on your hips, 50's style. A friend of hours Sam Baker (Vacation Studios) did a great graphic and we paired it to one of our favourite TCSS blocks in recycled cotton.
The shirt is linen as we like how linen gets better with age.  Wear that thing until it's soft and full of character. We are stoked with the collab and big thanks to you guys who executed it perfectly!

Fancy yourself a designer?
Yeah I'm a design freak. Love the process. 

Tell us a nice little anecdote from your trip to Japan.
At one point there, Hope and I were sitting on the side of a canal trying to get our bearings, we were in a bit of a state, we knew we had to get to the other side, but couldn't quite figure out how. There was this little Japanese guy playing a flute and the music was floating across the water. At one point he stopped, and we yelled out, "Ohayo, sir! How do we get to the other side?"
He paused for a moment before shouting back, "You are on the other side!"

What do the boys want?
It's scientifically proven - 100% what the boys want, is 100% what the boys need.

What’s next for Big Sun?
We are trying to figure out how to continue making more interesting stuff, doing more interesting things, and how to surf more. 

Here at Critical Slide, we’d like to thank you for your involvement and unwavering good attitude. 

Not true what they say about you..you’re alright with us."

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