Puni's Farm Matakana Island

Enjoy this early footage of Mount Maunganui legends Allan Byrne and Kevin Jarrett surfing Puni's Farm during the early 70's shortboard revolution. The clip also features an interesting history of how how Byrne and Jarrett developed chopped down surfboards for flat day fun behind a ski boat, which later developed into skurfing and ultimately the sport of wakeboarding. 


Mount Maunganui Surf

Allan Byrne Surfing

Alland Byrne and Kevin Jarrett Surfing Mount Maunganui

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Matakana Island is not for sale anymore because it’s mine. And to buy any land on Matakana Island you will need to whakapapa to Matakana Island and connect to all 5 hapu and the urupa (graveyard) on that block are my people buried in there in unmarked graves…. Sorry it’s NOT for sale, it’s tapu.

Tangiwai Manihera Palmer

Matakana island in private ownership for 97 years 1 family 2.9 k of private beach front 148 H.A contact the above address bargain $8.5 million dollars some Forest with it could make a great private golf course and surfing playground cheers

michael pittar

Puni’s Farm… it doesn’t actually exist. Roger Mathews (RIP) invented the name in the 60’s or early 70’s as he wrote an article for a surf mag and tried to keep Matikana Isand secret. I don’t know the name of the magazine he submitted the article to but I knew the man himself very well. He took me there a few times in the late 80’s and always knew when it would be firing. My father was one of his best friends.

Damon Maultsaid

Does anyone know where the name originated from. I’ve heard a couple stories but not sure of how true they are

James Rolleston

Awesome memory, remember borrying Barry’s board and heading across the entrance with Dave Paulsen. Got smashed in shore break. Also, Mel and Sal took me and my sister Lesley skiing up Hunters creek. I tried the skurf board

Chris Stanbridge

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