A high performance asymmetric board by Ryan Glover. Three factors considered: rail, tail and fin set up. The toe side rail leads into a broad flat tail reflective of a twin swallow, implementing the broad plain surface and speed one generates from the twin keels and mini-simmons hulls. The fin set up on this side is that of a twin fin. The heel side rail flows down into a round tail similar to that of a high performance thruster. The fin setup on the heel side is a quad. The idea is that one has all the speed and benefits of a twin fin, coming off the toe side bottom, or high line, but then transition the board onto the heal rail and have the response of normal performance board thruster, or in this case a quad.
We have used eps carbon technology to achieve a light and responsive feel. We look forward to developing this model and keeping you updated. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. 


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