Behind The Scenes: CORONA JOURNEY NO.46 – WIND & SEA

Behind The Scenes: CORONA JOURNEY NO.46 – WIND & SEA

Capatain Ben Millard drink

A behind the scenes photo essay by Ryan Glover on a recent voyage off the East Coast of New Zealand. Skip James, Jack Mander, Ryan and Captain Ben Millard loaded up the thirty foot H28 yacht 'Midas' with supplies and set sail for a small Archipelago of island out from the Port of Tauranga. The journey was just as much the destination - they were hunting waves and the unknown and didn't mind taking their time to get there. Typical to New Zealand they were assaulted with a myriad of weather conditions. The weather man was never right. 

Special thanks to Captain Ben Millard, Corona, Skip James and Damaged Goods Zine.

Photography: Ryan Glover | Surf Photography: Skip James

Jack Mander dawnJack Mander. Dawn. 

Skip James photographerSkip James.

Captain Ben Millard spinnikarCaptain Ben Millard sets the spinnaker. 

Skip James HelmSkip James at the helm. 

Sunset at Sea by Ryan GloverThe sun setting with the Mainland in the background.

Ben Millard RiggingCaptain Ben Millard checks the rigging. 

Big Sun 1Captain Ben Millard, Jack Mander and Skip James. Surf ahoy. 

Damaged Goods 1Jack Mander on the nose.

Ryan Glover Big BoardingRyan Glover cross step cut-back.

Ryan Glover Big Boarding 1Ryan Glover on the nose.

Damaged Goods 2Captain Ben Millard.

Ryan Glover by Skip JamesRyan Glover bottom turn.

Skip James Damaged Goods ZineThe crew with Midas in the back ground. 

Skip James DolphinSkip James and a dolphin. 

Sunset by Ryan GloverThe Captain enjoying the sunset. 

Sunset portrait by Ryan GloverBack in port we were joined by a some salty fishermen. Jim Millard and Layne Rawson. 

Mt Maunganui by Ryan GloverFirst Mate Jack Mander navigating us back to port.

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