Logger Heads 2017

Loggerheads 2017, Mangawhai NZ was run a few weekends ago. Blue skies and lil peelers made for good times. Pulling the biggest lineup of sliders to date, the event was filled with plenty ’a’ Yews and high fives. Kai Ellice-Flint crossed the ditch to link up with fellow riders Ryan Glover and Matt King. Kai was the man of the hour and paddled away with the flag. Check out out a little video recap from our good friend Thomas Smith. 
Special thanks to Benny Connelly and TCSS for supporting the event, and the RVCA boys, Dan Farrell, Jordan Griffin, and the Velvet Boys Mitch/ Tim Broadhurst and friends for the good times. 
More images from Guy Thomson on the TCSS site here.



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