Four boards, all short, all new, all ready to experiment with this summer. The Electric New Wave Acid Test is four new shapes to be developed and added to the Big Sun collec
tion. We love to experiment and develop craft that will broaden the wider surfing experience. It's important to look back in order to move forward. We will let you know how we get on. 


Ever seen a single swallow tail? We hadn't. The concept is the tightness of a single might be blended with the looseness of the swallow. Who knows what the outcome might be? 

THE BIG SUN LOW-FI FINLESS 5'6 x 20.5 x 2'3/8

A greenough edge and a deep single concave are a few of the elements that make up this finless concept. We've seen footage of Ari Brown riding Ryan Loveace's 'Rabbit' Foot' and the ride looks wild. We've made our version to go left to match New Zealands famous waves like Whanga Bar and the points at Raglan.

THE BIG SUN TWIN KEEL 5'4 x 20.5 x 2'1/8

We are looking forward to adding this board to the Big Sun collection. Steve Lis was a teenage knee boarder who invented a strange split tail board he dubbed a 'fish' in 1967. Shortly afterwards his friends, other local San Diego surfers, decided to start riding this style standing up. The fish was born. In later years the fish was relegated to smaller surfer as a type of fun board, but more recently, surfers like Ryan Burch and Harrison Roach have broken this stigma by pushing into more serious waves. We can't wait to experiment with our version on New Zealand's points.

THE BIG SUN MINI-SIMMONS 5'4 x 23 x 2'1/8

Inspired by our love of big boarding, we decided to develop our version of the Mini-Simmons. The Mini-Simmons after all is a big board stuffed into a small board. Bob Simmon's was a legendary shaper in the Post War era of the early 1950's. Originally an aircraft engineer, Simmon's used is knowledge of aircraft wings and applied them to surfboards. Design features like concaves, kicked noses, aspect ratios, rail shapes and optimum weight can be contributed to Simmons. Boards were literally planks before Simmons came along. The man also went on to develop the foam and fibreglass surfboard. The original Mini-Simmmon's came from reshaping a snapped longboard. The benefits quickly became apparent, a broad plaining area over a short hull made for an incredible fast ride. Our version is broad and flat with very subtle curves in the nose and tail. We look forward to bring you the results. 
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