60's Era Bob Davies Log

Bob Davie was an Sydney surfer who came to New Zealand in 1963 on a working holiday but ended up staying. Over the years Bob had a number of factories in Gisborne, Mt Maunganui, Auckland and finally Whangamata, and trained many of New Zealand’s best known shapers. Bob’s designs were at the forefront of of the New Zealand surf scene and his boards gained a reputation for being current and experimental. Early adopters of Bob’s boards were top surfers of the time such as Allan Byrne. Here is a mid 60's traditional shape produced out of Mt Maunganui. It is heavily worn but beautifully restored to a gloss coat. 


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I’m an Australian that lived in Wellington from 1972-1975. While I had been Surfing for quite a while at that stage I’d never owned a “New” board. I purchased my first “New” board from Fitzy who owned The Corner Surf Shop in Lyall Bay in 1973.
It was a 6’9" Bob Davie pintail shaped by Grub. I rode that board into the ground, from Wellington to Cape Palliser, Tora, White Rock, Gisborne, Mahia, New Plymouth and everywhere in between. Many years later Grub shaped a number of boards for my eldest son Zac. The legend lives on. So blessed. Surf till you die!

Brad Bloodworth

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