An Ongoing Experiment: A Tale of Two Boards

A Tale of Two Boards. Same rocker, same size, different template and different rails. Here we have an experiment in comparison. The Maunganui Chip vs the Involvement Era log.

  • Involvement Era

    Our Involvement Era is our classic of the era log with a concave entry, slightly tuned up 60/40 rails moving through to a 50/50 rail out the tail. The board has a slight belly from the middle out the exit. The template is wide point back giving it a piggish outline. Fin is 4' inches off the tail.

  • Maunganui Chip

    The Maunganui Chip shares the same concave entry with 60/40 up rails, but as you move down the board the rails turn 50/50 then down rail. There is a hard edge out the tail. The bottom contour is flat through the middle and slightly concave out the tail. The outline has its wide point forward with a pointier nose. Fin is 6' inches off the tail.

Involvement Era

The Involvement Era is our classic trim machine, perfect for walking up and down in the small stuff, nose riding etc, but tends to start failing when pushed into 3ft plus.

Maunganui Chip

We designed the Maunganui Chip as a big board for bigger waves. The hard edge is more consistent in the bigger stuff and can be pushed into very solid surf. But will it trim just as well in the smaller stuff?

So far we've compared boards in small 2ft surf. The Involvement Era rode as usual. The Maunganui Chip felt slightly slower towards the front of the board, but when you stepped back onto the flatter tail area it would take off, especially when turning.

We will keep you posted when we get some bigger surf.

Happy sliding.

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