Behind The Scenes: CORONA JOURNEY NO.46 – WIND & SEA

A behind the scenes photo essay by Ryan Glover on a recent voyage off the East Coast of New Zealand. Skip James, Jack Mander, Ryan and Captain Ben Millard loaded up the thirty foot H28 yacht 'Midas' with supplies and set sail for a small Archipelago of island out from the Port of Tauranga. The journey was just as much the destination - they were hunting waves and the unknown and didn't mind taking their time to get there. Typical to New Zealand they were assaulted with a myriad of weather conditions. The weather man was never right.  Special thanks to Captain Ben Millard, Corona, Skip James and Damaged Goods Zine. Photography: Ryan Glover | Surf Photography: Skip James Jack Mander. Dawn. ...

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Join Skip James, Ryan Glover, Jack Mander and Captain Ben Millard on a sailing journey in search of waves and adventure off the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. CORONA JOURNEY NO.46 – WIND & SEA Words and photos: Skip James / @skipjames. Surfing and sailing seem like they should go hand in hand – they both harness the energy of the wind and ocean, a forward momentum without the aid of an engine or a playing field. A leisurely activity, a sport, art form, and for some simply a way of life; the latter being my preference. Surfing and sailing throughout the Pacific Islands has been a lifelong dream of mine, so what better place to do it...

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