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Big Log - 9'6 Tangerine Dream

Big Log - 9'6 Tangerine Dream

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In stock just add water. 9'6 Big Log with 10' Inch Alkali Dolphin. 

More info from the collection page:

The dreaded fading swell is now as exciting as the approaching low pressure system. The Big Log is made for 0-2ft conditions. The full nose is perfect for hanging the toes. Cross step up and down to find the sweet spot. Drop low and feel it take off across even the flattest section. Inspired by the mid 60's shapes from the California Coast, made famous by the likes of Bing Copperland and Miki Dora on the Californian Coast, and Bob Mctavish and Nat Young over in Australia.  

The challenge: A more experienced rider will push into bigger surf. Negotiating a 3ft swell becomes a test of skill. There is a lot of board here to managed. Designed also to be ridden with no leash, so you better have your A game on or be prepared for lots of swimming. Wave understanding and placement need to be impeccable. Take up the challenge and the Big Log turns from a fun cruiser into a battle of skill and wit - only for true watermen.

Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand.


Surfer Ryan Glover @ryanmglover.

Photo: Jereme Aubertin @jeremeaubertin.

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Rinse regularly with salt water.

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