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Big Sun - Finless

Big Sun - Finless

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Finless really is faster. Don't take our word for it, try one. Fins only slow you down. 

Our journey started with mucking around with the fins out of our down rail midlengths. Next we made a 9'0 x 21'3/4 x 2'1/2 finless, concave bottom with sharp rails. Then after seeing  footage of Ari Brown riding Ryan Lovelace's 'Rabbit Foot' we shaped a 5'6 x 20.5 x 2'3/8 asymmetric with greenough edge, deep single concave and tail fin.  We made our version to go left to match New Zealand's famous waves like Whanga Bar and the points at Raglan. Our most recent experiment is 6'6 x 21'3/16 x 2'1/2 with channels and a scallop tail concave. 

We have found finless very challenging. The hardest part is just setting the rail. The challenge is most satisfying though, because when you get it, you fly. Each board has gotten progressively easier to set a line as we have moved through design developments. 

If you are interested talk to us today, and contact us to try a demo.  

Board Delivery & Shipping

Board shipping from $100 NZ depot to depot. Pick up and delivery is available in Mount Maunagnui.

Care Instructions

Rinse regularly with salt water.

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