Big Sun - Mini Simmons 5'2 x 21' 2'1/2 @32L
Big Sun - Mini Simmons 5'2 x 21' 2'1/2 @32L
Big Sun - Mini Simmons 5'2 x 21' 2'1/2 @32L

Big Sun

Big Sun - Mini Simmons 5'2 x 21' 2'1/2 @32L

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Used showroom model the Big Sun Mini Simmons* 5'2 x 21' 2'1/2 @32L in ruby red bottom, orange deck and glass in keels. Mint condition, minimal signs of use. 

*Photos taken when board was new. Current photos coming soon. 

More from the product page:

"Introducing our take on the Mini-Simmons. Inspired by our love of big boarding, we decided to develop our version of the Mini-Simmons. The Mini-Simmons after all is a big board stuffed into a small board. Bob Simmons was a legendary shaper in the Post-War era of the early 1950's. Originally an aircraft engineer, Simmons used his knowledge of aircraft wings and applied them to surfboards. Design features like concaves, kicked noses, aspect ratios, rail shapes and optimum weight can be contributed to Simmons. Boards were literally planks of wood before Simmons came along. He was the man who developed the foam and fibreglass surfboard. The original Mini-Simmon's came from reshaping a snapped longboard. The benefits quickly became apparent, a broad planing area over a short hull made for an incredible fast ride. Our version is broad and flat with very subtle curves in the nose and tail.

These boards are the fastest thing around, well suited to a more upright style, shoulders back, hips forward.  An experienced rider will push into hollower waves with turns just as radical as a performance board.

The boards pictured here are both 5'4 x 22' x 2'5/16 @ 32L (the asymm slightly less). Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you. Options include classic glass in keels or future boxes.  Extras include specialized tints, and also depending on availability we can do volan cloth or eps and epoxy construction. Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 

 Check out one of our favourite surfers, Trevor Gordon, surf his Deepest Reaches Mini-Simmons through the right points of California. 


 Here is an asymmetrical mini-simmons we are experimenting with. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. "