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Big Sun

Big Sun - Performance Single

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Here we have the Big Sun Performance Single. 5'11x19'x2'3/8@29.1L. Same rails and rocker as our asymmetrical designs, but we egged out the outline and added a 9' inch upright low surface area speed single. 

Initial feedback was this board was fast. Super fast. Theoretically the lower surface area of one fin should make it faster than more surface area of three fins. It was very responsive and felt good on the face and drawing out cut back turns. It released easily of the top, too.  

One negative was it slipped out something terrible in a 4 ft backside barrel. We are thinking to counteract this adding small side bites or possibly a bonzer set up. We have decided in the interest of experimentation we are going to add future boxes each side. This way we can explore the a side bite set up, or a twin set up. We are really excited to let you know the subtle differences. 


 If you are interested talk to us today, and contact us to try a demo.  


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Recommended lengths are 5'8 - 6'8.Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you.

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