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Big Sun

Big Sun - Twin Pin Midlength

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Welcome all the Big Sun Twin Pin Midlength. We added hips and a twin set up to our tried and tested down rail mid to bring this spicy concoction to life. True to the twin family this twin pin midlength is fast and loose just like the era it was born from.   We've been enjoying the speed and response the twin fin set up enables. The extra volume of a midlength gets you into more waves, and early. We've been riding a 7'2 x 21' x 2'1/4 which is just as easy to manage getting out as some of it's shorter cousins. A very versatile board we are very excited to introduce. 

Recommended sizes range between 7ft - 9ft and starting at $1750 incl. GST. Options include fin box or a classic glass in fin. Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you. Extras include specialized tints, and also depending on availability we can do cedar stringers in single, double or triple. Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 


Some content from our midlength gallery to give you an idea. 




Cedar, Balsa or ply stinger options. Single, Double, or Tripple Stringers dpending on availability. PU or EPS foam. PU or epoxy glassing. Glass in Fins. Futures or FCS boxes.

Board Shipping

Board shipping from $100 NZ depot to depot. Inquire about international shipping.

Care Instructions

Rinse regularly with salt water.