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8'0 Double Ender Down Rail Midlength | 10' Inch Rake | Navy

8'0 Double Ender Down Rail Midlength | 10' Inch Rake | Navy

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A Big Sun Double Ender Down Rail Midlength complete with 10'inch rake, leash hole and navy tint.

Dimensions: 8'0 x 22' x 2'5/8

This board is a real beauty.

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"The Big Midlength Double Ender Down Rail is consistent with the evolution of the midlength. From transition era midlength's of the late 60's, board design focused its attention on the more radical aspect of surfing. Surfer's like Jerry Lopez and Nat Young were pushing the boundaries of what was possible on a wave and the rising level of surfing demanded a change in equipment. The answer was the down rail or hard edged tail. This allowed greater hold and control in more radical conditions."

Board Delivery & Shipping

Board shipping from $100 NZ depot to depot. Inquire about international shipping. Pick up and delivery is available in Tauranga & Auckland.

Care Instructions

Rinse regularly with salt water.

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