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Big Sun

Big Sun - Thruster

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The Big Sun Thruster is designed for high performance surfing. Above, in and off the lip, anywhere you dare to take it, it can go. In 1981 at the Pipeline Masters, Simon Anderson wowed the surfing world on his new three fin set up he coined the 'thruster' and performance surfing never looked back. 

Super light and extremely responsive the Big Thruster uses the latest in EPS Epoxy technology incorporating parabolic carbon fibre and is glassed in a special resin finish to give it this specific look. Also available in PU options. 

Talk to us about dimensions. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. Made in New Zealand.

Sequence: Guy Thompson.


Cedar, Balsa or ply stinger options. Single, Double, or Tripple Stringers dpending on availability. PU or EPS foam. PU or epoxy glassing. Glass in Fins. Futures or FCS boxes.

Board Shipping

Board shipping from $100 NZ depot to depot. Inquire about international shipping.

Care Instructions

Rinse regularly with salt water.