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Big Sun

Big Sun - Transition Era Midlength

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In the late 60's was a period of swift revolution. Boards were getting shorter by the month. The midlength is often over looked as being in between a log or a shortboard, but the Big Sun Transition Era Midlength will drive you into parts of the wave you have never been before. With the manoeuvrability of a smaller board but the drive and weight of a larger board, hold on for the ride of your life. The Transition Era Midlength is inspired by the Evolution Period, think Bob McTavish and Wayne Lynch. The widest point of the board is further back, similar to the 'Piggy' shapes of the mid sixties log that came before. The fins are large and rakish, just how George Greenough designed them, to be fast and full of whip back.

A more experienced rider will push into bigger, hollower surf. Super low, feet together, pulling on the rail and using the weight of the board to drive off the bottom is something that can only be experienced with a bigger board. The Transition Era Midlenghth is also ideal for smaller days that are barrelling but maybe a little boring for a shorter board. Pick a line, throw your arm deep in the wave and stretch your leading foot forward for a cheater five barrell. Your surfing experience will open up and finding this new style will be like catching the buzz of learning all over again.

Recommended sizes range between 7ft - 9ft and starting at $1750 incl. GST. Options include fin box or a classic glass in fin. Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you. Extras include specialized tints, and also depending on availability we can do cedar stringers in single, double or triple. Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 

Note*: The board Ryan rides in this video is an 8ft down rail, double ender. This board is in development and if you are interested in it rather than the transition era model then get in touch. 


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Recommended lengths are 5'8 - 6'8.Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you.

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