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Used 5'8 FRYE FISH - Ripe Orange Tint

Used 5'8 FRYE FISH - Ripe Orange Tint

Designed & Shaped by Ryan Glover

Used 5'8 Frye Fish  in ripe orange tint with future boxes.  Board 5'8 x 21'1/2 x 2'3/4 @38L with slight asymm tail set up for a regular footer. The shorter rail on the heel helps with forehand cutbacks or backhand bottom turns. Heavy signs of use on the deck and a couple of professionally fixed dings. Fins not included. Available to view in out Mount showroom. 
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An ode to Skip Frye and the 5' inch keel. Introducing the Big Sun Frye Fish concept.   Get more waves, get in easier.

Design elements include a 50/50 rail entry blending into a hard rail out the tail. Single to double concave through the bottom. The large surface area makes for plenty of speed and the fish tail surprisingly responsive. Suits a surfing approach orientated towards trim, shoulders back and feet together. 

Slightly more responsive than our Mini-Simmons. Both really exciting designs and we are looking at pushing the boundaries of what they can do.

Board shown Orange tint is 5'8 x 21'1/2 x 2'3/4 @38L with slight regular asymm tail. Clear tint is 5'8 x 21'1/2 x 2'3/4 @38L with glass in keels. 


  • Hull belly to concave
  • Refined rails with volume hidden in the belly
  • 50/50 rails through the middle blended to a hard edge out the tail
  • 14' inch tail width
  • 4' inch rocker
  • Match with our 5' inch keel fin template


  • Keel fins or single fin
  • Asymm tail for stance specific
  • Fin box or a classic glass in fin
  • Cedar stringers in single, double or triple
  • Specialized Tints
  • Recommended in 5ft +

Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 

All boards are custom made so fill out a form below and we will be in touch to talk about size and dimensions personalised to you.

Board Delivery & Shipping

Board shipping from $100.0NZD depot to depot. Inquire about international shipping. Pick up and delivery is available in Tauranga & Auckland.

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