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9'2 LONG FISH - Two Tone Resin Work with Pinline

9'2 LONG FISH - Two Tone Resin Work with Pinline

Designed & Shaped by Ryan Glover

Long Fish in 9'2 x 23' x 3' with beaked nose. Beige deck inlay and maroon pinline. 6' x6' x 6' volan cloth and 5' inch glass in keels. These boards fly. Super fun to walk up and down, get low and do big turns. The wide tail paired with the keels gives a lot of squirt out of the turns.

The Long Fish is a trim machine. Feel the speed with minimal effort. Handles bigger stuff too. More from the product page:

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From $2050.00 NZD incl. GST.
Includes glass in fins.


Welcome to the big board revolution. Get more waves, get in easier. What do you get when you cross a fish and a longboard? The Long Fish! Bottom contours include a rolled concave entry and a double concave exit. The template is pretty similar to our Maunganui Chip but with a wider tail and different fin setup. This board is beautiful to cross step and surf from the middle of the board. Suits a surfing approach orientated towards trim, shoulders back and feet together. 

Slightly more board than our Maunganui Chip. Both really exciting designs and we are looking at pushing the boundaries of what they can do.

Board shown is 9'2 x 23' x 3'


  • Single to large double concave
  • Refined rails with volume hidden in the belly
  • 50/50 rails through the middle blended to a hard edge out the tail
  • 18' tail measurement 1ft back
  • 4' inch rocker
  • Match with our 5' inch keel


  • Keel fins or future box
  • Cedar stringers in single, double or triple
  • Specialized Tints
  • Recommended in 9ft +

Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. Production est. 3- 4 weeks. 

All boards are custom made so fill out a form below and we will be in touch to talk about size and dimensions personalised to you.

Board Delivery & Shipping

Board shipping from $100.0NZD depot to depot. Inquire about international shipping. Pick up and delivery is available in Tauranga & Auckland.

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