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Used Big Hotdogger - 9'2 Semi Gloss Cedar Stringer

Used Big Hotdogger - 9'2 Semi Gloss Cedar Stringer

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9'2 Big Hotdogger in semi-gloss glassing with cedar stringer. The beauty is in the simplicity. The semi- gloss and cedar stringer complement the traditional shape.  Great condition but some yellowing of the glass due to dodgy long term storage by past owner. Adds to the character we think. More info from the collection page:

The Big Hotdogger is straight out of the 60's golden era. Inspired by the mid 60's shapes from the California Coast, made famous by Bing Copperland, Greg Noll and Miki Dora. Hotdogging is shredding but in a 60’s way. The emphasis is on style. How smoothly can you link your turns? How eloquently can you move up and down the board? While shortboarding can get frustrating because performance surfing is very dependent on the right sort of wave, logging is more forgivable. Let’s face it, the amount of days the local beach is 2 ft and sloppy rather than perfect and all time is much higher. The Big Hotdogger thrives in conditions other boards can not. 

The challenge is two fold. An experience rider will quickly find managing a bigger board takes a whole different set of skills. But enjoyment comes from not only a shift in skill but a shift in mind. Let your surfing experience open up as you find the days suitable for surfing double or quadruple.

Production uses the best quality materials, made in New Zealand. 


Surfer Ryan Glover @ryanmglover

Photo: Guy Thompson @soggytoeszine

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Rinse regularly with salt water.

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