Bali Ha'i - Board Testing Winter 2022

We spent some winter in Bali testing boards. We had a blast. Thanks to everyone we came across who made the trip a memorable one. Can't wait to get back.

Surfer: Ryan Glover

Film and Edit: Thomas Smith

Words by Ryan Glover

"I was really happy with my board choice for the trip. I was packing my board coffin and I swapped out a 9'6 Involvement era log for the 9'2 Maunganui Chip. I'd been pushing the Maunganui Chip into bigger stuff back home and it was going really well - I figured in the small stuff I could still walk it like a big board but it could be a good option in bigger surf too. The Twin Pin Mid was a must take for me. I've been comfortable surfing it in anything for a while now so it would be my go too board for all sorts of conditions. For the last choice I knew I had to have something short for small punchy waves like the Canggu Sandbar or busy Bingin. I was tossing up between my 5'2 Mini-Simmons and a new model the Frye Fish. Despite never having surfed it I went with the Frye Fish. Initially I had to force myself not to surf it like a short board, all that trying to pump with my legs wide. The volume and speed were there and once I found the sweet spot I had a lot of fun finding new lines. A couple days surfing Canggu and Balian I swapped through all boards comparing how they paddled and how my wave approach would change. Each board had its pros and cons. But when I got the right board in the right conditions it was magic. $1000 dollars later in oversized baggage fees I felt it was worth it."