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Big Sun

Used Big Sun - Asymmetric Performance 6’1 x 18’7/8 x 2’1/4 @32L

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Welcome to to wild side. Here we have a used showroom model asymmetric. Was a step up used by Ryan until he started pushing into the bigger stuff on the midlengths. 6’1 x 18’7/8 x 2’1/4 @32L. 9/10 condition. Only small signs of use on the deck.This shape is designed for natural footers, and contrary to understanding goes just as well left as right. 9/10 condition. Fins not included but happy to organise. Everybody who has ridden one has loved them. Take your performance surfing to another level. Read more from our asymm page:
“A high performance asymmetric surfboard design by Ryan Glover. Three factors considered: rail, tail and fin set up. The toe side rail leads into a broad flat tail simulating a twin swallow, and implementing the broad planing surface and speed one generates from the twin keels and mini-simmons hulls we have been enjoying lately. The fin set up on this side is that of a twin fin with a classic early seventies fin shape and size. The heel side rail flows down into a rounded tail similar to that of a high performance thruster. The fin setup on the heel side is that of a quad with a normal sized performance fin and a slightly smaller trailing fin. The final result creates an off-centred thruster.  The idea is that one has all the speed and benefits of a twin fin, coming off the toe side bottom, or high line, but then transitioning the board onto the heal rail one has the response and reliability of a normal performance board thruster. Asymmetrical boards are stance specific, meaning the short  rail is found on your heel side, therefore will change whether you're natural or goofy.
Board construction uses eps carbon technology and epoxy lamination to achieve a light and responsive feel. We can also do classic PU construction with resin tints. Talk to us about trying a demo. Board comes with True Ames fins. 
For a more in depth discussion and photos on the Big Sun asymmetrical journey, check out our journal post here. 


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Recommended lengths are 5'8 - 6'8.Talk to us about size and dimensions to personalise for you.

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